What to Expect Throughout the Loan Process

At Intercoastal Financial Group, we pride ourselves on transparency throughout the loan process. We do not partake in bait-and-switch sales techniques. We aim to let you know everything upfront. To help you better understand the process, we've put together a step-by-step guide of what to expect.

1. Complete our online application.

2. One of our knowledgeable and professional loan
agents will reach out to you by email, phone,
or text.

3. Pull credit (with your approval) and evaluate

4. Determine which one of our 18 banks will be the
best fit for you

5. Send to bank for final approval.

6. Normally less than one business day to have a

7. Contact seller to explain what we need from

a. Go over the stipulations associated with
the loan.

b. Start collecting documents to finalize the

c. Discuss different programs available.

8. Prepare loan package to send for final
signatures (buyer and seller).

9. Once originals are in, we can fund the loan.

10. Enjoy your new boat!